Double take

By the above title I don’t mean the Rotherham husband and wife cabaret duo from the early 80s (Terry and Sandra Skagg, check out their Syd Barrett goes seaside album from 1984 – some copies on ebay), but strange doppelgangers.

Is it just me or does Sky News anchorman Colin Brazier (he’s a warm ‘un. Boom boom!) look like Benny Hill stooge/straight man Henry McGee?

Sky News2

Midway through the pessimistic headlines – floods everywhere, the Middle East on the brink of nuclear catastrophe, the latest Euro 2008 results – I struggle to believe what he’s saying. Any moment I anticipate a conga train of half-naked women to shuffle past at double-time in the background amidst the tele-typists and the live multi-screen shots of the world’s capitals, Benny slapping his little bald headed old man in their wake.

Now here’s Tom with the weather…



  1. modone1966 · June 26, 2008

    Fair one mate – he def does!
    Also I have the disco mix of the “Syd Barrett goes seaside” album – its a gem :yes:


  2. deleted user · June 26, 2008

    I’m still having trouble getting over the ‘gay dwarf sex romp’…


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