To Andrew’s Liver Salts

Email. 21/10/2002


Dear Andrew’s,

My Grandmother, an 88 year-old lady, recently purchased a tub of your wonderful, ‘Liversalts’, in order to alleviate a mild digestive disorder. However, the design of the new container baffled her somewhat. As I’m sure you’re aware, the new ‘Andrews’ Liver Salts’ package comes in a shapely plastic tub, with a spoon clipped into the lid, and foil sealed for freshness. However, the dosage instructions are hidden beneath the rear label, on a concealed tab. My Gran’s hands are slightly arthritic, and not as nimble as the days when she worked in the munitions factory during the war, doing her bit to defeat the Nazi menace, and so even though after two hours of staring at the tub in bemusement and realizing what needed to be done to find out how much of the powder to give herself, she failed, after some scratchy, frantic efforts, to peel back the tricky corner of the label and find out what dosage was applicable. Not wanting to miss out on the vitality of your dyspeptic panacea she scooped fifteen teaspoons of powder into half a pint of water and retired to bed. She describes the next twelve hours as, ‘hellish’. Not only did she suffer considerable bowel discomfort, she also ruined a perfectly good mattress.

While not strictly a complaint, I would wish you to bare in mind that not all purchasers of your product will have the digital dexterity of the late, great Jimi Hendrix.

Best wishes,


No reply received



  1. modone1966 · July 12, 2008



  2. Bootneck · July 24, 2008

    Doesn’t she have broadband mate? A quick search on google under “Andrews powder dosage” would have saved the day and that Perfecta beds mattress I know she was so fond of.


    • sue · November 13, 2010

      who would put fifteen spoonfuls in anyways


  3. Hungry Joe · May 23, 2010

    My inner label remains firmly stuck to the outer one it can’t be read. What dickhead thought this one up?!Look! Even security code instructions here are misleading. What IS wrong with these guys? Don’t they like their customers?


  4. Rashi · July 18, 2011

    same things are happens with my mom as well. she is also get much of difficulty to get dose.


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  6. Normski · January 10, 2013

    Yep have the same problem a year later! There is no way you can part those labels for the dosage instructions. Good job I can
    Google. Many people can’t so get it together guys- lets try ‘user friendly’


  7. Kurakis · February 7, 2014

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