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Friday 4th June 2004

Yet again scenes of carnage and loss in Iraq are splashed across our TV screens. As I watch I feel disgusted by the cynical attitude and opportunism of charities and so-called humanitarian groups. Many of the wounded civilians are drummed up by outfits like Amn*sty, who basically would not exist without suffering to manipulate the consciences of what one Rolex-wearing ground worker for an ostensibly libertarian charity called ‘bleeding heart liberals’. One representative for M******* Sans Frontier actually walked up to one young lad outside a school in Basra and poked him in the eye with a stick, then bundled him into the back of an ambulance claiming he’d been caught by shrapnel. This image on the TV earned that charity five million euros in donations. It is not unheard of for L*berty to aim low and shoot civilians when they know that a film crew is in the area. And workers for the R*d Crescent are notorious for taking pot shots into crowded market places with mortars and then ‘blue-lighting’ to the incidents they have created, thus swelling their coffers when the event is broadcast into homes around the world.

And so-called ‘terrorist’ attacks on ex-pats working in the Gulf being blamed on Islamic fundamentalists. How many of these terrorists have faced trial and been truly identified? Is it simply coincidence that Amn*sty are known to have bulk purchased 360° sun beds and tea towels? I think not.

In October 2003 UN advisors began secret investigations into the activities of ostensibly charitable/humanitarian organizations in Iraq following complaints from the family of a man from Baghdad who had been photographed scrabbling in the dirt searching for his false teeth and lost dignity. The images had been taken by a Swedish freelance photographer and were subsequently used by Amn*sty in an ad Australian campaign. An American soldier who was assisting the man was seen stood by with his rifle seemingly trained on the Iraqi’s head. The image where the Squaddie discovered the teeth and was handing them to a now smiling – albeit gummily – Iraqi was not used.

UN investigator Jean Pierre Gatin reported back to the UN in March 2004 that, ‘exploitation by libertarian organizations of Iraqi civilians for political and financial ends [was] widespread.’ Gatin furthermore cited a Western news source who admitted that collusion between the media and humanitarian charities was now on a professional basis. The source (Tom Fischer), who has since been transferred from overseas events coverage and now reads the regional news in Minnesota, said that the two worked hand in hand, and ‘manipulation of events to achieve a desired moral and political bias was policy’. Gatin concluded: ‘Liberal and humanitarian agencies are taking an opportunistic approach to events, and in some instances even fuelling discontent for their own ends.’

Since the start of the war profits – sorry, donations – of/to libertarian organizations have risen by 253% (cf. European Union). However, this upsurge in morally motivated financial masochism is slightly distorted as it also coincides with the release of a Billy Bragg retrospective box set.

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  1. deleted user · October 11, 2008

    Wake up readers, it’s time to shed your naivety.
    I hope you’ll understand if some of the names/locations in the below account have been changed to protect the parties involved.
    From 1998 to 2003 I was employed in a little known section of a well known humanitarian charity, known colloquially as “Department 101”. The activities of this unit would be familiar to any ex-CIA operatives amongst you. In other words we were engaged in what’s known in the business as “black ops”.
    The whole sorry tale started with a meeting with the charity’s finance director in February of ’98. I’d just left the armed forces. You’ll understand if I don’t divulge my exact unit, lets just say we were involved in psychological warfare. From there I moved into freelance bodyguarding work, looking after Bob Carolgees and Spit the dog, after they made an ill-conceived joke about Osama Bin Laden, during one of their stand up shows at the Bradford Alhambra theatre. It was then that I was approached by the previously mentioned director who told me he thought they might be able to put my peculiar talents to use in the “fundraising department”.
    He explained the charity’s funds had been running a little low and that they needed to stir things up…. Two weeks later I arrived in southern Serbia concealed inside a shipment of blankets and children’s toys. I can’t disclose the exact details of our activities there, as some of my ex-colleagues are still on live ops. Suffice it to say we were successful, in early 1999 the NATO bombing of Serbia began.
    Simple, but brutal. Bombing = Casualties = Distressing images on your TV = Charity donations. My employers’ coffers were overflowing!
    From there it was one job after another. Through Afghanistan and Iraq to Saudi Arabia. We were good, very good.
    The end for me came in December 2003. I was photographed leaving the back door of a safe house in Bam, Iran, two days before the earthquake struck (coincidence?)
    I think my employers were looking to burn me, I knew too much.
    Since then I’ve been living under an assumed name. In 2005 I narrowly avoided being taken out by a hunter killer team from O**am.
    In early 2006 the finance director was found decapitated in his bathroom. The police say it was a shaving accident, but I have my suspicions.


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