Your Country Needs You

I recently had a trip up to the Menwith Hill visitor centre in North Yorkshire. In the gift shop are a series of propaganda posters that didn’t make it. This from a recruitment drive for Land Girls in 1942. Left with only women to work the land, The Ministry for Food were trying to staff turnip farms in Lincolnshire and decided to appeal to an under-represented minority:



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  1. Zappy5971 · October 27, 2008

    I know. It’s how my Mum ended up there? A city girl from Sheffield. The first day they sent her to sort the mangles. She was looking for things that would wring out the washing, not root vegetables. In the course of the day she was kicked by a cow and had to save the Farmers wife from having her laundry eaten by a goat. Baptism of fire, or goats if you will. It wasn’t easy and thank goodness we didn’t have to do it. If you ask me!!!!


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