I’m a driver, I’m a winner

BMW is notorious for the paucity of the basic equipment that comes as standard on its cars. No leather, no heated seats, no stereo, no sunroof. Every comfort has to be paid for. Every luxury beyond the price of the badge comes at extra cost. Even so the brand name is still hugely popular with the socially aspirational. This to the point that so desperate are many to prove to themselves and other people that their lives are a success that they will scrape together enough cash or credit to buy the most under-equipped model. Provided they have the car, familiar to millions with its pig-snouted bonnet grill, many even forego such basic kit as directional indicators.


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  1. GSmudger · November 29, 2008

    I shudder, sweat and my suddenly fleshy lips bend into a sneer. I look down and find that under a tweedy jacket and check shirt I didn’t know I owned, my gut has distended and is looming over charity shop jeans. The spirit of Clarkson is moving within me.
    I felt compelled to repeatedly agree with everything you said. BMW badge-consciousness is a bizarre state of affairs indeed. Would the same people buy watered-down, mediocre vintages of Chateauneuf-du-Pape just to have the label casually peeking from their Ikea wine rack? Would they be happy to eat scraps from the kitchen bin just to say they’d dined at the Savoy? Do these people fail to see the idiocy of spanking out upper-end money for an upper-end marque that has been denuded of anything that might have distinguished it from, say, a Focus or a Mondeo?
    Low-end BMW’s are marketed and stripped of decent kit for this kind of customer. Who in their right mind would buy a BMW 1-Series when pound for pound it is inferior in every way to its neighbours at Ford and Seat and even makes the Golf look like good value for money? Why would anyone buy a weedy-engined 316 with its steering wheel and seats as optional extras when they could buy a potent Mondeo with all the trimmings for the same or less?
    Does P-Diddy-Doggy-Dog write an influential motoring column I’m not aware of?
    Who won the war anyway?


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