Dirty old bastard

Film director Roman Polanski wants the charge against him for having unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor dropped. Polanski has already pleaded guilty to the charge which was laid as the result of a plea bargain and relates to an incident from 1977 when Polanski – then 44 years old – was working on an assignment as guest editor for French Vogue. During a private photo shoot in California with a 13 year old girl, the multimillionaire director gave the girl champagne and spiked her with tranquilizers before performing oral sex on her, then sodomizing and raping her. She later stated: ‘I said no several times…’ Polanski subsequently fled the United States where a warrant for his arrest is still outstanding.

His lawyers have filed a request in Los Angeles to dismiss the charge against him because of prosecutorial and judicial misconduct. They remarked: ‘This case serves as a classic example of how our justice system can be abused and defendants’ rights trampled, by an unholy alliance between courts and criminal prosecutors.’ The attempt to get the charges dropped comes on the back of a documentary Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired. The documentary ‘looks at the conduct of the judge whose handling of the case was unusual’. Hmm. Oh, right. So Polanski’s not saying that he didn’t do it, then? Just that he wasn’t treated right after he’d sodomised and violated a child. OK. But surely any handling of the case does not alter the incident itself…? No?

Still, you’ve got to feel for him, haven’t you? Poor old Polanski feels victimised. By the courts, by the mother of the girl and her (he says) duplicitous scheme to blackmail him. Poor sod. I mean, what else was he going to do if they offered him a 13 year old virgin on the plate? Where else could he go? It wasn’t his fault! It was obvious that he was going to give her champagne, drug her and then rape her anally and vaginally. What did these people expect? Come on!

And he’s a genius, you know? Have you seen his Oliver Twist? Ooh, it’s good. He really gets to grips with the story of adults’ pollution and misuse of children for their own vicious ends. I wonder where he got the inspiration for that?

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The Independent’s report that: ‘The woman with whom Polanski admitted having sexual intercourse has said she wants the charge dropped and that Polanski should be allowed to return to the United States’ doesn’t sit quite right. Making it all sound sophisticated and friendly. Firstly, she wasn’t a woman when he raped her. And her comments on the case are: ‘I wish he would return to America so the whole ordeal can be put to rest for both of us.’ Perhaps if he’d accepted responsibility 30 years ago that might have already happened.
Further: ‘It was 30 years ago now. It’s an unpleasant memory … (but) I can live with it.’ And: ‘He took sex from me and my innocence. I don’t think it occurred to him that someone wouldn’t want sex with him.’

In relation to Polanski’s character his victim has also remarked: ‘Surely a man like this hasn’t got a reputation to tarnish.’



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