15 minutes later

Our culture is obsessed with celebrity. And short lived fame is perhaps worse than no fame at all.


Yasmina Evans, formerly of huge one hit wonders Yazz and the Plastic Population, shuns her former life as a late 80s acid house diva. Her fall from celebrity grace reached a nadir whilst shopping at the Reading branch of Littlewoods in 2006. The singer – famed for her blonde curly hair and big hands – mistakenly took the escalator leading to the first floor – ladies underwear – when she actually wanted the basement café, where she was due to meet fellow 80s icon Marilyn to discuss a comeback tour of the Ukraine. Realising her error, Yazz attempted to rectify the mistake, elbowing aside fellow shoppers in an effort to regain the ground floor. She was confronted by an angry, quick-witted pensioner who blocked her path and shouted: ‘You daft cow! Can’t you see the only way is up!’


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