Red & Black

The majority of Art expresses – in varying degrees – the principles of Socialism. It speaks to the Everyman in us all. It appeals to the fair dealing, principled moralistic individual who contemplates a canvas, reads a book, or listens to a piece of music. It makes an assumption that we have a basic urge of goodness.


Amoral works, such as those of Marquis de Sade, are rare aberrations. Exceptions which go to prove the rule. It needs a concerted, conscious effort to produce art that is totally without principle. That turns its back entirely on humanity. And even in its very amorality such Art, by juxtaposition, expresses an alternative morality or prompts our own feelings of outrage and revulsion.


Art speaks of community. Art speaks of humanity. Art is Social. But all artists are, without exception, Fascists.


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