Jingle jangle morning


This year is going to be a good year for buying the albums that you already own. The Beatles back catalogue of 12 albums plus The Magical Mystery Tour double EP and Past Masters 1 & 2 are being issued in new re-mastered versions. Richer, wider, louder. Cleaned up and twiddled. They’ll be full stereo versions of the first four albums. Each disc will be embedded with a documentary charting the relevant album’s making. They will be out in September. Still no sign of ‘Carnival of Light’ though.


In the summer the Stone Roses first album is to be re-released in a much-needed re-mastered version. The original CD version is a pale imitation of the actual sound. Mastered from copies of copies. Original producer Steve Lillywhite has been doing some knob twiddling with the original tapes. Notched up so it can actually be heard. Cleaning it back to the source sound. We’ll be offered the standard UK issue of eleven tracks plus B-sides, demos and the unreleased ‘Pearl Bastard’.


Get out the 12 string Rickenbacker. It’s time to get Pollocked again.


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  1. Marcus Schutzhund · April 19, 2009

    Apparently there are plans to release The Sweet’s first two digitally remastered albums, “Funny how sweet co co can be – 1971” and “Sweet Fanny Adams – 1974”.

    Both will feature documentaries following the making of the LPs, including interviews with the surviving group members. Highlights include the time Steve Priest’s hair straighteners shorted out whilst he was coiffuring his feather cut and the time Mick Tucker broke his ankle falling off his platforms during a gig at Thetford Civic Hall.


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