Beat it!

It has been revealed that Michael Jackson is working as PCSO Supervisor whilst in London for his series of record breaking concerts at the O2 Arena. Jacko, who became a Police Community Support Officer in March and was promoted to supervisor only last week, is working from the Isle of Dogs and responsible for eight staff.

‘I just want to give something back,’ said Jacko as he filled out a Admin 171 for an off road bike that had been tearing around scrubland.  ‘I love being out here, among the ordinary people, where the city winks a sleepless eye. Well, at least until midnight. I’m doing this for the children of the world.’

Jackson is contracted to work until the end of the year but says he may stay on beyond this. ‘I’m finding it so rewarding. I have several tea stops on my beat and even go into Noble’s Amusements for some time on the dance off machine.’

Jackson is to appear as a PCSO in a series of billboard advertisements in the capital, mimicking General Kitchener’s ‘Your country needs you!’ pose under the slogan, ‘Be careful of what you do ’cause the lie becomes the truth!’

PCSO supervisor
Jacko posing for his ‘know your PCSO’ picture. ‘I’ve adapted the uniform and given it some of my trademark stardust,’ he said.


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