Did you know…?

Many supposed film cognoscenti falsely believe that American director Quentin Tarantino, famed for the films Jackie Brown and Reservoir Dogs, was influenced by the jumping chronology of 1950s film The Killers when penning his 1995 academy award winning gangster flick PULP FICTION, starring ultra-cool Samuel L. Jackson and a curtains-wearing John Travolta. However, the true inspiration behind the LA-set movie which features a hallmark-Tarantino quirky timeline was former Conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and the footage from the 18th June 1984 riot at the Orgreave coking plant between Rotherham and Sheffield, South Yorkshire during the year-long 1984/85 U.K. Miners Strike.


So struck with this excellent and effective piece of dramatic licence – where the actual chronological order of events was surreptitiously reversed when screened on the BBC television news that night; thus showing striking miners initiating the violence which marked the day, rather than the police – was the geeky American filmmaker that Tarantino turned most of his story arse about face in order to get more of a wow from the audience. Hey, confessed Tarantino, at the Cannes film festival in 1996, where PULP FICTION snatched the coveted Palme d Or, it worked for my bitch Maggie, I knew it could work for me!



Miners copy3


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