Where there’s a will

When I was a little lad I used to love watching Will Hay films like Oh Mr Porter! The Ghost of St. Michael’s, Ask a Policeman and Windbag the sailor. They seemed to hold a flickering romance that captured my imagination. Now thanks to the engineering wonder that is the Whirlpool bath and three quarters of a bottle of Radox ‘Green Tea Infusion’ bubble bath, I have been able to re-live the film Where’s that fire? In that film Hay, Moore Marriott and Graham Moffat played firemen who attempted to fight fires using a machine that created a massive quantity of soapy bubbles, choking so much oxygen from the air that the flames were smothered.


I’m not going to stop there. Tomorrow, using little more than a couple of Tescos chicken breasts, a pair of crotchless panties and a copy of British MILFs: Down and Dirty vol. 5 I’m going to have a crack at creating Kelly LeBrock c. Weird Science in the kitchen microwave.


Watch this space Magnus Pyke and Adam Hart-Davies.



  1. deleted user · November 29, 2009

    Hmmm, enduring image….

    Not Kelly LeBrock unfortunately, but you standing in your kitchen, warming a Tesco chicken breast in the microwave, whilst leafing through a gonzo jazz mag, dressed in a pair of eye wateringly tight crotchless knickers, a hirsute knacker poking through the lacey fringe.

    The joys of single living eh..happy days


  2. guinnessorig · November 30, 2009

    That’s what makes me most proud about the modern diverse society that we live in. Ten years ago you wouldn’t have felt confident enough to express your fantasies so freely, flamingcrotch. It’s nice to see that you realize that you have nothing to be ashamed of. Now you can perhaps feel free to live the life you have denied yourself so long and leave the cloistered world of the Churchfield toilets behind you.


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