Did you know…?

The Isle of Man is an independent state with its own language, laws and customs. The island recognizes the Queen as head of state in the guise of High Wizard and as such pays a tithe to Her Majesty on all turnips grown on the island together with a tribute of ten maidens each Candlemass. The point being that there are NO turnips grown on the island due to the highly acidic soil. On visits the Queen wears an ancestral headress made entirely from driftwood and seaweed.


Property disputes on the Isle Of Man are still settled by scissors-paper-stone. Former F1 motor racing champ and island resident Nigel Mansell recently lost his swimming pool and barbecue area after his next door neighbour drew stone against his scissors in a Douglas court room. He is currently appealing the decision, which will see him face his neighbour head-to-head in a game of bar billiards.


News Archive, 28th November 2001


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