Things I hate #20

Impoliteness. It’s inexcusable. The main trouble with the modern world – apart from The X Factor, Robbie Williams, reality TV and the smell of baked beans on toast – is Ego. We worship at the altar of our own Absolute and Utter Greatness. The God we pray to is Ourselves. And yet we are all still imperfect. Every single last one of us. Despite iPods, and laptops, and Windows 7, and the iPhone, and SKY HD+, and Botox, and gastric bands, and package holidays we’re all fuck ups. And it doesn’t help that on top of this we’re all thin-skinned Prima Donnas. Every moment is subjective and open to a million reinterpretations, each one primed to be taken the wrong way. We are Gods with feet of clay. And we are jealous Gods.

Ego as a word has been pared down so that it’s entered popular consciousness as an amalgamation of the principles of personality espoused by Freud to become more simply regarded as a sense of Self. In the modern world Self is paramount. That’s what the Hippies told us. So that we could all become Dharma Bums and use other people as a matter of convenience and call it independence. 1960s Liberalism has freed the selfish bastard in us all. You don’t have to care what anyone else thinks or feels, flout your most extreme emotions like a slogan on a t-shirt and fuck ‘em all. You don’t owe anybody anything. Thanks to the babybooming flower children we all operate a kind of emotional Thatcherism; based on a fundamental lack of social and emotional responsibility to those around us and the primacy of our own desires. Which has got us to where we are today. Groovy, man. Fucking groovy.

Ego is to blame for bad parenting. Ego is putting yourself before everyone else. Ego is to blame for juvenile knife crime and gang culture. Ego is to blame for drugs misuse. Ego fucks us all up. Selfishness, self-pity and chips on shoulders. Wars aren’t started by religion or God, despite what many people would wish to project. They may be carried out in the name of God or religion but really it’s the petty ego of individuals that are truly behind them. It would be just as easy to start a war in the name of Atheism or Humanism except that they aren’t as long established in popular thought as the Roman Catholic Church or Islam and don’t have the same organizational structure to exploit. So long as you know that you’re right and everybody else is wrong, that’s all you need. Just ask people like Uncle Joe Stalin, Arthur Scargill, Bruce Forsyth and Osama bin Laden. Religion and Politics are a framework for the Ego to play with. Money? Perhaps. But greed and arrogance play a part in the love of money. And greed boils down to Ego. You have to be the richest or else you feel inferior; that nagging hole inside that needs to be filled by being better than everybody else. Arrogance is simply you saying get fucked to the rest of the world. It’s all about Ego. Self, self, self. I, me, mine. It was Ego that drove Hitler. That prodded Idi Amin up his big, fat arse. That fed into the actions of the IRA, the UDF, the ICF, the C & A and KFC. Ego is the root cause of all conflict between people. Ego is the motivating force behind road rage. Behind neighbour disputes, football hooliganism, domestic violence and pub fights. Ego is what makes me want to kick you out of my way when you step in front of me in the supermarket. Because you’re in MY way, you fucking inconvenient cunt! When Charlie Manson got turned down for playing the bass in The Monkees he couldn’t understand it. And why should he? Everybody’s going to be famous. Everybody’s going to be a star. It’s been promised to us. Except not everyone will tickle out the bass run in ‘Pleasant Valley Sunday’ or play in the Premier League or win an Oscar or become a millionaire. And then what?

Impoliteness is the most common symptom of Ego. It’s everywhere. Haughty looks and cold stares. How dare you say hello to me? Added to which some people are political; constantly grafting to go higher and higher. Their interactions with other people are by turns venal and bullying depending on the relative positions in the hierarchy. You feel like shit, you take that out on someone else. X might feel like crap because he’s just had to lick Y’s arse, but pissing on Z’s day will make X that little bit happier about himself and get the taste out of his mouth for a while. These people are cunts, always have been and always will be. They can only afford to give you a ‘hello’ if it’s paid back with interest. Other people shy away from communicating with the outside world. I can understand shyness. Especially given the arrogant reactions dished out by a lot of people we encounter. You expect to be blanked and so you don’t show your hand. A self-defence mechanism kicks in. And so we all walk around cramped up ignoring each other. Our actions open to misinterpretation. But some people are simply arrogant cocks. Big headed fuckers that strut around with their heads up their own arses admiring their own turds. Their faces soured by the scent of their own effluent farts but still trying to keep a brave face on it like their sucking in Boss black label as they look down their snotty noses. They are a set of cunts. Festering, puss filled boils on the hairy back of humanity. And I despise them. And why are they like this? Because their Ego whispers to them that they are Alexander the Great and their desires are the most important thing in the entire universe and that they are never ever wrong.

So here we are. A 60s child that never grew up. An impulsive child further nurtured by 70s Hedonism and 80s Greed. Before it was abandoned to 90s hypocrisy (New Man my arse) and the new Millennia’s total disorientation. Liberalism preaches the Gospel of Self. If I want it I will have it, and fuck you. And why not? Everybody’s talking about John Lennon, Joan Bakewell, Polly Toynbee, Chakrabarti, Chuckle Brothers, New Labour, Clare Short, Mike Mansfield, Big Brother, Pizza toppings… They have given me the earth to inherit and I will shit on you and smile while I do it. It’s my right. As organized religion falters under the weight of its own corruption, secularism rises. Easy and guiltless and pandering to the selfish twat in us all. There is no such thing as society. And you think we’re all going to be free? Nothing will change for the better. All that will happen is that the glue that held us together will break apart. Which can’t be good. Even if that glue was boring and repressive and told you that sometimes you might just be wrong. Because Ego will create new Gods in its own image. A billion cults spreading out to cover the globe. Hippies deified the Self. Hippies will destroy the world. Hippies will kick start the next World War. The Hippies will kill us all.



  1. Kaz · April 25, 2010

    Nothing wrong with Hippies! Or children of the 60″s. Cheeky GIT!


  2. guinnessorig · April 26, 2010

    Yeah, yeah. They’re the stormtroopers for the end of the world!


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