Par Cark

My dyslexia is perhaps worse with numbers than letters, though I’ve always had a lot of trouble mixing up my Gs and Js for some reason. And I have a bit of a blind spot with words when I make an assumption about what’s there. Imagine my disappointment when I bought the full box set of Robson Green’s latest TV series and to my astonishment I was met by the sight of the pint sized Geordie pulling a big Barracuda out of the Tyne. Not quite what I was expecting.

Robson Green

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Barak Obama is desperately trying to stifle the internet spread of the Wikileaks unauthorized release of more than a quarter million classified State Department documents. The White House has been frantically uploading sensational personal files onto the web in an attempt to trump the appalling truth behind American foreign policy and divert browsers trying to access the scandalous documents detailing the Obama Administration’s negative attitude to its closest international allies. Any web search using the terms ‘UK/US special relationship’ will be confronted by homemade gonzo of the President’s shitty arse being rimmed out by First Lady Michelle while dressed as George Washington and Queen Victoria.