It’s the little things…

I’ll never wipe my arse on another sheet (or four folded over to avoid a sudden unwanted anal fisting) of Andrex toilet roll again. Not after heartless marketing twats at Andrex have dumped the Labrador puppy in place of a Computer Generated version. They say it’s given the idea a new lease of life and evolved the character. Lying bastards. It’s all about money. Have you seen how much a tin of Chappie and a few Bonios cost these days? That’s the bottom line for these callous, unfeeling capitalist swines. An Ad man was seen leaving the back door of Andrex heading for some duck ponds with a bin liner over his shoulder. A bin liner that seemed to be wriggling.


One comment

  1. c1a2c3t4u5s6 · December 2, 2010

    They have no soul!


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