What would Horatio Caine think?

The UK government’s spending in 2010 was six hundred and twenty-two billion pounds. It’s estimated that it’s going to be in the region of six hundred and eighty-one billion in 2011. But the cuts are coming. Nick and Dave have told us so. Public services are going to be filleted. In five years time we will be living in a poorer country than the one we lived in five years ago. Reduced services, higher unemployment, lower expectations. More taxes. More taxes. More taxes. We are to become Serfs. Tillers of the land. We are being dragged backwards.


Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there are cuts to be made that should be made. Let’s get rid of some bean counters for a start. And what’s Des Lynham doing to earn his corn? The smug fucker. Making public services leaner and more accountable for the money that they spend isn’t a bad thing. Necessarily. But I think Nick and Dave are playing us for silly buggers. Is this recession an opportunity for this government to make everything operate at a profit. Like they’re running a corner shop. Nick and Dave’s Mini-mart. Twats that they are.


In mid-December Crime Reduction Minister James Brokenshire (apt name) announced the government were closing down the Forensic Science Service (FSS). The FSS is a Government company that processes most of the evidence gathered from crime scenes. It’s work has been instrumental in the cases of Sarah Payne (an 8 year old murdered by a nomadic paedophile), the murders of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman and even the capture of Yorkshire Ripper hoaxer, Wearside Jack, John Humble. James is a Conservative MP for Old Bexley and Sidcup whose background (gleaned from his Wikipedia entry) is, ‘in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, corporate finance, public fund-raisings, and debt finance. He advised on private and public companies concerns and to banks and other financial institutions on corporate and commercial issues, including: acting for companies on acquisitions and disposals as well as on the provisions of finance as they relate to a deal; advising companies on the establishment and development of joint projects with third parties; advising banks and borrowers on secured lending transactions; acting for public companies, underwriters, and sponsors on flotations, placings, rights issues, open offers, and reverse takeovers; and providing general advice on company and commercial issues to corporate clients.’ Phew! I wonder if he wrote that himself? Typical Conservative – he likes a big sentence that doesn’t deliver. James, according to theyworkforyou.com voted very strongly against equal gay rights, voted moderately for a smoking ban and voted a mixture of for and against a transparent Parliament. What should we read into that? That James is a homophobic, cigar smoking MP who doesn’t want you to know what he’s been claiming for on expenses? Perhaps. In a written statement to MPs James has said it was vital for the government to take ‘clear and decisive action’ to sort out the FSS after it got into ‘serious financial difficulty. The police have advised us that their spend on external forensic suppliers will continue to fall over the next few years as forces seek to maximise efficiencies in this area,’ James said. Probably reaching for a fat Havana and burning some Pet Shop Boys CDs. And claiming for both off the back of the taxpayers. ‘We have therefore decided to support the wind-down of the FSS, transferring or selling off as much of its operations as possible.’ Hmmm. Acting for companies on acquisitions and disposals as well as on the provisions of finance as they relate to a deal… Not  much in there about fighting crime, is there? I don’t know what you think, but James seems to be something of a bean counter, to me. An expert on other peoples’ productivity without turning much out himself. And I’m not sure what he knows about crime. But do Dave and Uncle Nick care? Who knows. I doubt it. I’ll tell you what James does know, he knows that the FSS is apparently running at a monthly loss of two million pounds. He’s seen it on the ledger. I wonder what price James is willing to put on justice for the life of a child? Or Dave and Uncle Nick for that matter.