Bewildered enthusiasm

Craig Campbell – Death of a badger DVD

After catching Craig supporting Frankie Boyle on Boyle’s 2010 tour, I would happily punch every one of you in the face, as promised by Frankie in his programme that Craig would be ‘touring your shit town next year’, I saw Craig on his own live tour at the Barnsley Civic this March. Two hours of all enveloping stand up where he had hold of the audience from the start. For me, it’s Craig’s fascination with the world around him that fuels his comedy and why I find him a delight to watch. I love the way he combines a story with exaggerated double takes that twist the tale and pull you into his bemused consciousness. Get a chocolate out of the calendar, you’re celebrating today. Buy this DVD, join his facebook page and follow him on If only his thoughts on Tilikum the serial killing killer whale were on here it would be complete. He’d already killed in Canada, so he’d shown that he didn’t like us… Now, this is a creature with very sensitive hearing that operates sonar navigation… so they transport it all the way across the continent to Florida… IN A PLANE… AT THIRTY-SIX THOUSAND FEET… ARRRRRRRRRRGGHHHHHHH… ARRRRRRRRRRGGHHHHHHH… MY EARS!!! MY EARS!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGHHHHHHH!!!!! WHEN I GET DOWN I’M GOING TO KILL YOU MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!! Brilliant. Though, I have to say, I wasn’t quite sure about the ‘Craig’s journey’ extra (a film of Craig’s motorbike ride to the gig, but without any commentary apart from the rushing wind). And watch that undertaking, Craig. As well as suicidal badgers. And keep fucking those moose… es… eese… s…


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