Ghost Story

Otherworld is a supernatural thriller of 70,000 words.

An archaeological dig on Salisbury Plain in the present day mirrors a previous excavation carried out at the close of the 19th Century that ended in suspicious circumstances.

Rob Wallis and Frances Innes lead the dig in the present day. Wallis is a romantic who feels a close bond with the past which he believes is largely benevolent. Innes is cynical and sees archaeology more simply and feels no real affinity for the past or the lives she is struggling to understand, and certainly has no belief in spiritualism or an afterlife.

Three other characters make up the archaeological team – Dunstane, a Scot with a secret interest in the occult, Sharon who becomes his acolyte, and Andy who is a thief.

Events are then precipitated when the team hold a séance at Dunstane’s suggestion. It is then that the past and the present cross over and Frances must confront the reality of a situation where the Otherworld does actually exist and Wallis learns that the past is not always benevolent.

Otherworld Monty


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