This is Music

With millions tuning in every Saturday night to watch what is basically pub karaoke with a few strobe lights chucked in, Chris Helme walked onto the small stage at The Duchess in York on the evening of Wednesday 17th October 2012 to about fifty people, bless him. It’s been something like eight years since I last saw Chris live, at Fibbers just around the corner, and he doesn’t appear t have changed. His fringe still needs some scissors taking to it.

Pulling songs from his latest album The Rookery, he sang accompanied only with his acoustic guitar, and turned in a performance that shamed the wannabe celebrity wedding singers on The X Factor by its simple musicianship and unaffected rapport.

I bought a copy of the album after the show and had it signed by Chris. A number one or not, listening to the tracks (‘Pleased’ is a favourite already), The Rookery is an album that will be played by serious lovers of music long after Mr Cowell has retired to Bel Air and his acts have slipped into obscurity.

Music is dead. Long live music.